Chronic Lyme can be a very lonely disease. Those who have never lived through it can't understand either the pain or the constantly shifting symptoms. At best, they'll fumble their attempts at consolation, and at worst they'll call you crazy and tell you to deal with it. Unless you've already met someone else who has had Lyme (and admitted it to you) it's easy to start feeling lost very quickly.

Even once you've gotten back a positive test that shows your symptoms aren't all in your head--that you have a bacteria that is causing them--it's all too easy to start doubting yourself. Reading about Lyme on the internet is confusing because there are so many conflicting reports, and it's hard to know which ones are right.

Often, communicating with, or at the very least hearing from other Chronic Lyme patients can make the journey much smoother. Knowing someone else has shared your experiences is incredibly reassuring. The reason there are so many stories here, is because Lyme has many different faces, and manifests in various ways. Without seeing a large number of cases, it's impossible to comprehend the full magnitude of this disease.

People with Lyme disease who are still searching for a doctor and/or protocol that can help them. They may be self-treating with over the counter products, misdiagnosed, or on a wait list.




Lyme patients who have found a doctor and have a treatment protocol established that is beginning to help them.






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