Faces of Lyme: Beth's Story

My name is Beth. I am a victim of Chronic Lyme Disease, but I intend to change that.

Before Lyme deprived me of my ability to work, I was a hardball lawyer and a single mother. I was a day-to-day warrior who always knew how to keep things in control. Now, everything has been turned upside-down.

It feels as though everything is spiraling out of control. Due to my illness, I can no longer provide myself or my family with reliable income. Even though I have a fantastic education and an incredible amount of experience, I'm just not healthy enough to do the job. Because I can't provide a stable home for them right now, my children are living with a relative. It has been far too long since I've seen them.

Though I will be seeing a Lyme-literate doctor shortly, I am not sure how I'm going to pay for that treatment. I am attempting to get disability, but it's a long and convoluted process. It is imperative that I begin treatment as soon as physically possible, because I am currently expecting another child. I cannot let anything happen to this baby.

At the moment, I'm staying with a member of my family who does not understand Lyme and refuses to get educated, despite all attempts. Due to his lack of sympathy, I will not be welcome here much longer.

I am currently searching for a place to live, and am hoping I can find somewhere I'd be cohabiting with other members of the Lyme community. If you know anyone in the Santa Ana area, please email me at beth.lemonlyme@gmail.com.

--As told to Ginger by Beth

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