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Faces of Lyme: Luba's Story

Hello, my name is Luba and I live in Toronto, Canada. I have had Lyme Disease for well over 10 years now, but was misdiagnosed for almost all of that time. Recently diagnosed, I now need to fight to get well, to get treatment, and to get my life back. I have been homebound for years and the last few have gotten progressively worse. Before, I was young, healthy, strong, and vibrant; a hard worker and volunteer.

Canada does not recognize my disease. Doctors here who have tried to treat patients like me have received harsh penalties for doing so. They can no longer practice. My condition is also very advanced at this point, so I need a doctor who knows what they're doing.

I am in late-stage, Chronic Neurological Lyme. My only hope is to try to get to the United States to see a specialist, also known as a Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor, or LLMD. However, I am so very ill, that I can barely move around our small home from room to room now. My issues are primarily neurological, including:

  • muscle weakness
  • trouble swallowing/talking/walking
  • severe dizziness and lack of coordination
  • breathing problems
  • migraine type headaches and pressure that last weeks or months at a time

I also have problems with my bladder and bowels, as well as severe sensory involvement. Because of this, I have to stay in a dark, quiet, scent-free environment 24 hours a day. It truly is torture.

Unfortunately, my father passed away two years ago, and just prior to his death he fell victim to a con-artist. This woman stole nearly $200,000 from our family and fled the country with all of these funds, plus more. Because the situation was never legally resolved, we can't get that money back. We may lose our home. Otherwise, we could have remortgaged the house for my treatment.

I watch as my mom struggles to earn an income and take care of me, and I want nothing more than to get better so I can pay her back. She's now 75 years old and I need to do this for her as much as for me.

Those of you who choose to help in supporting me, I guarantee you these funds will be used to help me get well. It will pay for medical aids or devices I desperately need (like a walker). It will go to medications and treatment for my illness. It will give me the boost that I need to become myself again. I want to be well again and I need to get well to help others.

I thank you for reading my story, and I appreciate with all of my heart any offerings of assistance. If you are also struggling in life, please hold on and never give up hope. Stay focused on bringing positive things to you and they will come, in time and the right way. We must always believe! Have hope, have life, have love for life!

--Written by Luba
Edited by Ginger
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