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Community & Support

Under Our Skin is an amazing documentary about Lyme disease that can be watched in its entirety on Hulu. I've found it to be an excellent tool in helping to educate others about Lyme disease. It covers everything from the science behind the infection, to the symptoms, to the intracacies of the controversy surrounding the illness. is run by one of the most knowledgable and hard-working Lyme patient/activists I've had the pleasure of interacting with. Also check out the social network he began specifically for Lymies!

Medical & Financial Assistance

Lyme can be incredibly expensive to treat. Trying to go through this ordeal while uninsured or underinsured is next to impossible. Though I have not needed to use it myself, one resource that has been recommended to me that can help deal with this situation is the site for the Affordable Care Act. Select your state and answer a few simple questions, and it will let you know what the options are in your individual situation.

The Lyme Test Access Program is another organization I strongly support. Because Lyme is so infrequently recognized, it can be incredibly difficult to find a doctor willing to run the necessary tests. In many cases, the patient is left to order the testing for themselves without a doctor's assistance, and therefore must pay all of the testing expenses out of pocket, even if they have insurance. Lyme-TAP raises funds to help struggling individuals pay for these tests.

Handy Tools

For those of you who are assembling your protocol on your own, or want to add supplements that your doctor hasn't expressly prescribed, drug interactions are always something you need to be aware of. Medscape has an incredibly convenient Multi-Drug Interaction Checker online.

Lymie Blogs & Websites

My good friend Marsha, who has achieved remission, has dedicated the past couple years of her life to building the truly remarkable and incredibly informative Living Lyme site. The entire site is jam-packed with resources, suggestions and tips. It is probably the most comprehensive and concise Lyme resource I have come across, and a wonderful guide for anyone struggling with Lyme.

Lyme Chick is an accomplished Lyme activist who has created some extremely helpful resources. In addition to covering all the major talking points, she's also willing to delve into the aspects of the disease that most people don't, either because they seem to personal, or they're deemed unimportant.

Teenagers with Lyme have to face unique issues that the rest of us don't. Between school work and social lives, the pressures they face are much different than what the rest of us have to deal with. If the Lyme in your life is affecting an adolescent, I highly suggest visiting the Living With Lyme Website. This site is run by a teenage girl from Australia who has some amazing advice and recommendations.

Lauren's Lyme Life is a blog written by a truly amazing woman. Another Lyme patient and fellow writer, she both shares her journey and creates wonderfully informative articles here.

Elizabeth has been dealing with Lyme Disease since 2002. Her blog, Twist of Lyme is primarily geared toward those newly infected or diagnosed.

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