This page is where you will be able to read about Ginger's personal experience with Chronic Lyme. Everyone who contracts this disease is going to react differently to both the bacteria as well as the treatment. Keep this in mind as you follow her story, because each Lymie has their own variation. This page specifically is about Ginger's individual journey through diagnosis and treatment, and she can only speak for herself. Other Lyme-afflicted individuals have shared their story in the Faces of Lyme section.

Some entries link externally to Ginger's blog. You can also stay updated in real-time at Lemon & Lyme's Facebook page. This has the most current news on our activities and projects, as well as developments in research, inspiring tidbits, or anything else interesting that we find. There are very few aspects of the disease and treatment I will not cover.

Only a small percentage of Lyme patients are in as good of a position as I am to bring much-needed attention to what they are going through. Many have restrictions on how public they can be without suffering some form of retribution, whether from their insurance company, their place of employment, or elsewhere. An unfortunately large number cannot even fully disclose their medical state to their families, for lack of understanding. I am extremely fortunate to have a fully Lyme-literate support system in place to help me through this torturous phase in my life.

Each person afflicted by Lyme & its co-infections is affected differently. These are the chapters of my individual and unique story.

The Introduction

The Turning Point: When Things Went Wrong

Building Frustration

Slow Down to Change Gears

This is the regimen that my doctor deemed best for my individual situation. I am not a medical professional and I don't recommend anyone follow this routine without the direction of a doctor.

My Personal Treatment Protocol (as of March 2012):

My Weekly IV Vitamin C Treatment:

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